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Outstanding Offices

Posted on: October 27th, 2011

Go Green or Go Home.

Pons and Hout Headquarters in Paris exemplifies the concept of bringing the outdoors in. These employees get to soak in the view at their organic cutout desks built onto a platform.  Soaring high above in the atrium are the original trees on the site.  Glass bubbles around each work station provide acoustical privacy without obstructing the view.  It would be hard to not to be inspired with a view like this. Design By Christian Pot Caster.

 Disney Dynamics.

Disney Store headquarters – For a company that sells toys for tots all over the globe it was imperative that their office environment promote creativity. Designed by Clive Wilkinson – the most interesting part of this space is the conference area. The Toy building block “bricks” build up to create a privacy wall for smaller meetings and dismantle into seats for large group meetings. Clever Clive.

A second enclosure and smaller conference room is created by honeycomb organic shaped walls that also store various Disney Delights.

Indoor Landscaping.

Mass Studios – Seoul, Korea is one of the only buildings on earth that has both extensive indoor and outdoor landscaping. Nature brings the best out of people.  The thought is by adding indoor landscaping you are providing a certain calmness to the environment your employees work within.  Thus a more proficient employee should excel in this minimal greenscape.

Shape up or Ship out.

Pallotta TeamWorks Headquarters in Los Angeles – packs a unique idea.  Each office is built within a series of shipping containers stacked on top of each other. The more common areas are located under tent structures which are anchored by the shipping containers (individual offices). Not only visually interesting but truly unique.

Red Bull Gives You Wings.

Red Bull office – London.  A three story building filled with recreation areas, a bar, café, and yes SLIDES. I can just imagine sliding down with my fabric swatches under my arm and sling backs in my lap. Weeeee.

Lego Land.

Lego’s development department – There are 13 meeting rooms individualized by a specific theme unique to each room.  Bright colors help enhance and entice workers to stay busy, think clearly and imagine. This is a growing trend for the creative types.  A place to relax, a place to stimulate, and an environment to get inspired to initiate the next big thing.  Companies are now allowing their employees to dream up the space and be a part of the experience.

Google It.

Googleplex – the world’s best search engine and largest platform for web based developments should have one of the largest office buildings, it only seems right.  It’s called the Googleplex. Has been dually named a 500,000 sq foot city. Eco friendly and comprised of hundreds of offices and wide open spaces it includes a courtyard, a food court, two swimming pools and promotes relaxation and play time. Happy and healthy workers make for a more profitable business.  Google is invested in it’s employees and offers 3 free gourmet meals a day, massage therapy on site, a hair salon, themed rooms and idea boards sporting the latest in mental matter… Google Spaceships?

Half Pipe.

Bastard store and design office Milan, Italy – Includes a retail space on the main floor, an upper level of offices that overlook the skateboard shop and the 600 sq foot “Bastard Bowl” indoor skate park. Created by an Italian architecture firm Sudiometrico. Wicked cool.


Cave Dwellers.

White Mountain Office by Albert France Lanord Architects – Cavernous creatives … this space was rehabbed from an anti-atomic shelter 100 feet below Stockholm into an amazing  4,000 sq ft Bahnhof AB data center and office. A cool place to work for that primitive  side of you.

Game On.

Three RingsDesign Inc, San Francisco. Modeled after a steam punk theme this office fits the needs and suits the creative employees of this Game Company.  Most everything is handmade from the art that each employee designed to the company desks.  There are rec areas, pool tables, video game room (obviously) and bars for some much needed R & R.

The work place is changing. It doesn’t have to be boring cubicles and unfriendly fluorescent light fixtures. It can be customized to suit your type of business, your people, and change the way people interact within it. We are all products of our environments to a degree.  It is my job as a designer to shape that environment.  People who love what they do should love where they work. You don’t have to be a creative person to have a space that produces efficiency and inspires greatness. You just have to keep an open mind and see what can come out of it…

What is your office like? Better yet … what could it be?

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